Communications -E911
The Communications Division is usually the first voice you will hear when contacting law enforcement or dialing 9-1-1. The women and men of the Communications division are trained to remain calm and composed while dealing with highly stressed individuals. Their duty is to receive information from the public and transmit it to the appropriate department, be it police, fire, or EMS. The Communications Division is the epitome of multi-tasking. They must speak with emotionally distraught individuals, glean all pertinent information, and pass it along to the necessary recipient, all while answering multiple phones and radios. Dispatchers are rarely seen but they are an integral part of the Seneca Police Department
Communication/Dispatch Staff
LT. Michael Holmes
Jennifer Heller
Angela Chastain
Tracy Payne
Michelle Kanagy
Laura Adams
Krystal Waycaster
Nicole Hubbard
Kim Kalusa
Samantha Miller