Uniform Patrol
The Uniform Patrol unit is the most recognized face of Seneca Police Department. This unit consists of the officers that are tasked with the priority of answering calls for service, initiating reports, preliminary investigations, and proactive enforcement of both local and state ordinances. These officers most commonly drive marked patrol vehicles and wear full uniform..
Patrol Division Lieutenant
Lt. Robert Tribble rtribble@senecapd.com
Alpha - Day Shift
SSG Ross Ragsdale rragsdale@senecapd.com
CPL Eric Abercrombie eabercrombie@senecapd.com
FTO Amber Watts awatts@senecapd.com
Bravo - Day Shift
SSGT Michael Durham mdurham@senecapd.com
PO2 Mario Salinas msalinas@senecapd.com
PO2 Joey Watt jwatt@senecapd.com
PO2 Will Mercer wmercer@senecapd.com
Charlie - Night Shift
SSGT Joe Sorensen jsorensen@senecapd.com
PO2 Irvin Reyes ireyes@senecapd.com
CPL Aaron Alexander aalexander@senecapd.com
PO2 Joey Watt jwatt@senecapd.com
Delta - Night Shift
SSGT Aaron Hanks ahanks@senecapd.com
PO2 Noe Suddith nsuddith@senecapd.com
PO2 Josh Genther jgenther@senecapd.com
Special Assignment
SGT Dwayne Kelley dkelley@senecapd.com
CPL James Dickert, Warrant Officer jdickert@senecapd.com
PO2 Corey Collings, Downtown Officer ccollings@senecapd.com
PO Breanne Yoder, In Training byoder@senecapd.com
PO Tim Morris, In Training tmorris@senecapd.com